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Commercial Electrical Service

We at ElectriPro Services are dedicated to provide an excellent service to all commercial customers in the East TN region. We are based in White pine, TN but provide service to commercial customers in Morristown, TN, Sevierville TN, Tazewell TN, Greeneville TN and other surrounding areas. Let ElectriPro provide the Pros you Expect and The Quality You Deserve!

ElectriPro Services, Inc. can brighten your warehouse and significantly cut your energy costs by upgrading your lighting fixtures. We also install or run power to motors, lighting controls, transformers, forklift chargers, door openers, dock lights, dock levelers, compactors, shrink-wrap machines, and other electrical equipment.

PARKING LOT AND SIGN LIGHTING: ElectriPro Services, Inc, has bucket truck service available to install or repair your parking lot pole lights, wall packs, and signs. Additionally, our service electricians are experts at installing and maintaining lighting controls.

SERVICE CHANGE-OUTS: Your electrical needs may be exceeding your existing electrical capacity, or there may be storm damage, or just worn out equipment. Whatever the reason for electrical service changes, ElectriPro's managers are experts at obtaining the necessary permits, coordinating with utility companies, and scheduling the electrical installation to minimize the impact on our customers.

LIGHTNING/SURGE PROTECTION: ElectriPro Services, Inc. can greatly reduce the risk of significant electrical system and equipment damage from lightning strikes and power surges. In addition, many of the surge protection devices we install come with a guarantee against equipment damage. A little extra protection before damage occurs can make a huge difference to save time and money in the long run.

INDOOR & OUTDOOR LIGHTING MAINTENANCE: Changing a light bulb sounds like a simple task, but it is not always as easy as you would think. ElectriPro has all the necessary equipment to reach all of your indoor and outdoor lights. Know that we have the necessary resources to provide the lamps, ballasts, and fixtures to keep your business well-lit and inviting.

PANEL REPLACEMENT: Loose or corroded connections on old electrical equipment can overheat and eventually burn apart, causing power loss and being a possible fire hazard. Yearly inspections are recommended to detect these problems before they become major issues.

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